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Because NFTs should be forever

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Don't wait until it's too late!
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NFTs should be forever

NFTs may be stored on immutable blockchains, but their artwork and metadata are stored elsewhere on the internet - the NFT is just a link to that internet location.

In most cases, NFT artwork is stored on IPFS - an immutable storage solution.  But data in IPFS can "age out", rendering your NFTs worthless.  alwaysNFT keeps your NFT media safely "pinned" on our servers, preventing your NFT's artwork from disappearing.


Protect your NFT investment

You paid a lot for your NFTs and they will exist forever on the blockchain.  But what about the artwork and other media?  NFT artwork is stored on the internet and can disappear without a trace leading to 'rug pulling' and loss of value. 

Unless your NFT seller goes to extraordinary efforts to protect your NFT artwork, you are at risk.  Once someone sells you an NFT, they can abandon the NFT artwork and you will have no redress. 

alwaysNFT will keep your digital artwork safe and accessible preserving the value of your asset regardless of what the seller might do.


Maintain the resale value of your NFT creations

NFTs that lose connection with their digital media will lose their resale value and this deprives you of royalties! 

Storing artwork on IPFS is a necessary best practice to prevent tampering or alteration of an NFT after it is created.  However, it is not sufficient to simply add the artwork to IPFS – you need to ensure that it is “pinned” to multiple IPFS servers, ideally in multiple geographies. If you don’t do this, your NFT media will eventually “age out” of the IPFS network and effectively disappear without a trace.

alwaysNFT will reliably and permanently store your digital artwork on multiple IPFS servers across multiple continents, ensuring that the NFTs you create maintain their integrity and value.

alwaysNFT Plans

Free Plan

For up to 100 NFTs or 1 GB of storage.

Our free plan allows :

NFT creators to upload up to 1 GB of digital media directly


NFT owners to protect the artwork of up to 100 individual NFTs.

Monthly Subscription

Introductory price of $20/month

For just $20/month protect up to 50GB of storage OR 1,000 NFTs.  

For a limited time alwaysNFT is in early Access.

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Michael Harrison

We are a small, cutting edge, start-up based in Melbourne Australia. At alwaysNFT, our mission is to protect the value of your NFTs by making sure that your metadata and media are safely and reliably protected..

After working in the blockchain ecosystem for 5 years, we were very excited with the potential of NFTs to mediate asset ownership and digital media rights.  However, we were alarmed at the poor management of off-chain artifacts associated with on-chain NFTS and formed our company to address these issues. 

Looking forward, we believe there are important capabilities needed for the management of NFT metadata in order to fully realise the potential of NFTs.  Stay tuned for exciting new extensions in our alwaysNFT platform.

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